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I flew!

I flew a plane, it was a cute little Cessna, I went to the airport, got in with the driving instructor who threw it down the runway until the world fell away, gravity pah! Who needs it. Anyway, once we got into the air at about 3000 feet he let me do some left turns and then some right and a bit of upping and downing, then he pronounced himself happy with what I was doing and said ďright where do you wanna go?Ē I said home and he then let me fly the 30 miles to my house while he looked out of the window, I used advance navigation skills,,,, ok , I followed the motorway until I found the train line at the back of our house, K was at home and waved at the likkle Cessna but I couldnít see her, then we flew back and he let me fly to the runway while he played with the throttle and at about 25 feet he took control and landed the plane.

It was wonderful, Iím on the brink of a new obsession, I may have to sell my soul to the devil I NEED more lessons, fuck it I donít need lessons I need to grow wings.

I can do this flying thing, I know I can. The instructor (who I shall call Doug, as thatís his name) reckoned that being left handed and playing guitar helps (though he didnít specify why) he did complain that I had been playing flight sim for too long, apparently flight sim pilot stare at the instruments instead of looking out of the window, So he covered the instruments up with a map so I had to look out of the window, which was fine by me, no point being up there if you donít look out of the window.

Sorry if this update seems a bit gabbled but there is no other way to explain itÖ.. it was groovy to the power of n (where n is a high positive integer)

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