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taboo who?

Do you know, I’ve been off work for three weeks now (diagnosed clinical depression) and the odd thing is that for the last 8 years I have spent between 24 and 60 hours per week stuck in front of a PC doing what I like to describe as “techy stuff”.

Whilst I’ve been off I have spent around 20 mins a day depending mostly on how long all your diary entries are.

In’t that brilliant!!!!!

I am K-less, she is away for the weekend with a gaggle of girlies, I’m glad she is having fun but I still miss her. I didn’t realise that’s what it was until this morning, I didn’t feel “I want my K NOW” I just felt a little lost, all the time there was a niggling-gnawing feeling, a worrying sort of discomfort like the world was a little out of balance. Then I found a picky of K on the table and wanted to cry. I also wanted a hug. I miss her smile.

Anyway, after watching the last cold feet episode I was musing on final resting places. One day me and me mates went for a weeks climbing on the isle of skye. This has a lump of mountains called the cullins, and on there is the only peak in the uk over 3000 feet that you cant walk up with your hands in your pockets, its called the “inaccessible pinnacle” or as I prefer “the inexplicable pickle” So we had a day that I will remember forever with blue skies and no midges, got to the top of the pinnacle and eat lunch (mcvites digestives and runny cheese I recall) only to be berated by a man who realised I had parked my fat arse straight on his best mates ashes which had been just that minute scattered, infact thinking on I reckon it makes me a cannibal as I placed the biccys on the ground to facilitate the cheese spreading.

Oh well, maybe its not depression maybe its that mad cow disease that cannibals get through eating brains….

Last taboo anyone?

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