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the return of the lazy arse

Hello my dland chums, firstly an apology for A, not writing and B, being a chum who has not been reading diaries.

I have no valid excuse.. since I was 15 I have never had more than 10 consecutive days off work, and now I have had 10 weeks. I would like to tell you that I have realised that without the work ethic I feel lost and and lacking in the sense of “what I do” (as in the man question at parties “what do you do?”) but it would be a WHOPPING LIE. I feel the happy and relaxed. I have had weeks of “house husbanding” cleaning, tidying, cooking and playing groovy music. Its fabbo!

My excuse for not reading you all is that computers have taken all my time for the last 7 years and I wanted a bit of a rest from the fuckers.

Stuff that happened in the last month…

1, I am now single, my internet divorce came through I can now marry K!

2, My EX called to say she found used condom wrappers in my 16 ½ years old daughters room. Her response was “EEK” mine was “good she is being responsible, and I hope she has fun”

3, My van died I’m now further in debt for a new one (fuckit, it only money, If I fail they can take it back)

4, I went to the island on my own, had a not bad week but there was a lot of tension between my chums up there. A problem with too much vodka being drunk I did meet some new people up there (one of which is mad as a fish and wants to burn things) and I have been promised first refusal on the croft behind our hoose.

That’s about it really, I should have tons of stuff but I have been revelling in nothingness, rolling about in the mundane whilst 27 years of pent up tension evaporated into the ether.

I was touched that you all left me a note, I thought nobody would notice, Cheers!

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