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a groovy day

Loads of “hellos” yesterday, fabbo! Anyway what happened today, well I got up a bit late (09:30) pootled about and made K and me a bacon butty (K is a ketchup person I prefer brown sauce) then I went out for a walk so that K could get on with her studies, I went to a gritstone edge nearby and walked about 6 miles in my new boots, which gave me some nasty blisters, K reckons its coz I haven’t had any shoes on for the last 9 weeks which is a bit of an exaggeration.

The sun shone and must of said hello to at least a dozen little old ladies, the highlights of the walk were :-

1, seeing a wee 3 inch long lizard, I think his name was Mortimer and he preferred flies to crisps, I saw him ignore a crisp on the floor and chase after a big bluebottle thingy.

2, watching a dog on an extending lead do 3 laps of its owner in 2 seconds causing her to keel over flat on her face, this was even funnier coz she was carrying a big mattress type cushion thing on her back (todays hint “walk backwards”)

Then I came home and formulated a cunning plan,

1, radish K

2, go the pub for tea

3, watch a filum on the tele.

Well 1, was fabbo and a quality wriggle, 2, was nice enough and 3 is yet to come.

So I’m off to watch oceans eleven, see ya’ll later!

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