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stroppy kids

How do I get it through to my boy child that when he bids on ebay it does NOT mean he has bought the bloody thing.

Much stropping about each time he loses an auction.

On the strop front we also have K’s eldest, who Is deeply distressed at having her internet access revoked. (I caught her looking at piccys of people who had shot themselves in the face at a very grim “dead people for entertainment “ site ) She seems to feel that MS messenger is as essential as oxygen. Guess wot,, wrongo

So Its one all in the stroppy kids league table for me and K.

And I just cant go back to night shifts.

Today I have been mostly ironing. And cooking tea. And not writing proper sentences

Oh yeah, ( time to click on the wee cross at the top right if you wish to avoid geeky sad stuff) my model piper cub flew for the first time on Sunday, I was (as my dad would say) “as happy as a dog with two dicks”

Hang on gonna get a beer….

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