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I got some dosh!

This may end up tho be a bit of a rambling entry as Its “puppet live” I’m updating in between mundane hoovering type of jobs.

So far have listened to the eels and bob Dylan. Have eaten beans on toast, have emptied one kitchen cupboard of a plethora of almost antique crisp packets and wiped dirt around on the kitchen windows (I cannot make dirt come off windows, all I ever seem to do is move it about a bit).

My mum just phoned to give me some money to buy floorboards, isn’t that nice. I didn’t ask for it, she just had a bit spare so split it between me and my sister. Wot a nice set of parents I have. She wants me to spend it on floorboards so that when we walk about on them in the future we will think of her.

I did however make it quite clear that this in no way means that she gets to come and live with us when she is old and doddery. The rule still goes “first whiff of piss and it’s the nursing home for you”…. I just read that and it sounds REALLY ungrateful. Its just a joke though honest!

Right more tea.

K has bought all new bedroom furniture for our room, its being delivered next week so I’m going to be a busy lad installing it all. I just got a call from some peeps down the road who are going to collect the old perfectly ok cupboards and give them to some body who can use them. Its seems a better choice than me knocking them flat and chucking them in a skip.

Sid Barrett has just finished throttling a few songs on his “madcap laughs” album. Its so bad its great, it’s a pity he ended up living in his mums coal bunker. But that’s too much acid for you!

Right then, I’m off to work out how many bits of wood I need to order to install downstairs floors in our spare hoose.

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