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well its here..dont blame me

You know Iíve written 3 entries over the last few days and deleted the lot of them before they were ever posted.

I deleted them for being dull and boring shite.

This one is up for reading no matter what, even if I run out of stuff to write and conclude with my favourite English essay ending ďand he woke up to find it was all a dreamĒ

So, yeah. Whats new? Not a lot really, We have painted the bedroom 3 shades of purple.

I heard a BBC radio 4 news reader say summat funny the other day on a summary of the news. It went like

ď2 airline pilots have been sacked for flying a US domestic flight whilst completely nudeÖ. The pilots are appealingĒ

well it made me smile anyway. I can still only play two tunes on my banjo, my toes are still hairy, my gut is bigger, Iím still scared of going back to night shifts.

Iím earning plenty but am skint, Iíve over committed to jobs this weekend.

I still feel nervous that I am scared about something but have no idea what it is, itís a niggle, a sort of constant butterflies in the stomach, a never quite relaxed state of readiness.

ďand he woke up to the find it was all a dreamĒ (sorry Iím so poo at this)

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