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Its OK! The nice man said I can stay of work for two more weeks, this makes it up to a round 3 months, now I know you all may sit there thinking “ you lazy, skiving, bone idle bastard” and you would be quitre right.

But let me place the arguments for the defence….. ( this is the UK so you all have to wear 17th century powdered wigs, yes I know its silly but that’s what we are, silly in a very serious way.)

I have worked none stop, 40 hours a week since I was 15. No “gap year, no 3 hours of lectures a day but 8 hours of work (minimum) 5 days a week for 27 years. The longest time I had off was 2 week.

I have had nothing but a basic education from the state and have contributed around 40% of my wages to pay for others benefits.

So its my payback time….

Secondly, my employer has fucked me about and broken 3 promised dates to allow me to be made redundant.. so poo to them too.

I have provided a cushy lifestyle for my EX for 18 years, she has not had to work, and even though we have been apart for 4.5 years I still have to pay for her.

The money is supposed to be for the kids but I don’t see it going to them.

However since we divorced a couple of months ago, this woman who told me she has no savings has bought

1, new pvc windows and doors

2, 3 new telephones

3, broadband for a year

4, new bedroom furniture,bed, etc

5, new bathroom suite and tiling

6, holiday in spain

Hands up all those who thinks Dunc got fucked over?

Oh yeah, I paid off her mortgage too! ( now has full ownership of 90,000 GBP house)


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