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yukky pub

It’s a strange mood I find myself in today, a little out of sorts. Not in a particularly bad way just a little detached. Sometimes I just feel a bit odd.

The kind of odd that means you will never quite fit in with comings and goings of the world, and its not a “ I am superior” feeling its more like being an alien popped into a civilisation that you have read about but cant quite slot in. a stranger in a strange land. It becomes apparent in some unusual places, I collect K’s smallest girly from her school and I just cant be out of there quick enough, the is no reason or logic to it, The other mums just scare me.

I have just been out for my evening stroll, something I do quite a lot to just stretch my legs after having my tea. Anyway, on a whim I called into the nearest pub to our house. I have walked past it many times but never been in.

It was not a zillion miles from being the bar in the first star wars filum (or is that the third? These prequels mess up my tenses) The floor was sticky, shlip-shlop went my shoeses. Behind the bar was a tattoo that had had a man inserted into its inside, there was also a snotty (complete with 2 green “candles” under his conk) 3 year old kid whose main task was to empty all the packets of cheese and onion crisps onto the floor.

I necked a quick pint and buggered off home.

Tomorrow my girl child leaves school, the little pink screaming bundle has grown up the age where the world can no longer enforce religious education on her ( its mandatory in schools in the UK).

Right then, I’m off to count the worms in the garden.

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