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I'm back!

Its been a long time…. 21 days, I am a slacker. Anyway at least I have stuff to write. First, thanks for all the nice thing y’all wrote in my guestybook thingy. You are too kind. I purposely picked unposed piccys where I didn’t have chance to “suck it all in” etc so now you know what a puppet looks like in case we bump into each other in the street.

So we have been up to the island, the house has had a new and exciting facelift! Look at this picky, it has real windows and a roof and doors.

We also worked our conkers off and by the end of the week the downstairs floor was completed. K transformed into “Captain Builderwomen” and dived in there with all the big scary powertools. One of the local blokes gave us a hand for a couple of afternoons (and would accept no payment) and He has the hots for K but even more so now that he seen her in action with the “big fuck off drill” it came as a bit of a shock for the poor lad, jobs up there are still organised according to gender and I think he only expected K to be making tea and stuff.

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