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I can fly!!

I had another flying lesson the other day, The teacher chap let me do the taxiing then take off, its like driving very quickly down a long straight road, with one biggo difference, you have to steer with your feet.

Trying not to use your hands takes a lot of effort.

Anyway we trundled down the tarmac until we were going fast enough then I pulled back on the “going up” control but nothing happened, “pull harder” said the man. So I did and we peeled off the earth with the same suddenness as when you pull a stuck welly out of the mud.

Ha! Fuck you gravity! I can fly.

I think I can do this flying thing, The wee plane goes wherever I want it to, This may be a boy thing, but when I was young I went most places with both arms extended (straight out in airliner mode, swept back for combat missions) making sort of “neeeoowwwww” engine noises, I could bank around each corner and execute precision landings next to my mam in the co-op stores.

Well I swear that the Cessna becomes my outstretched arms, The instructor said he was pleased that I seemed relaxed at the controls. I didn’t tell him it was because I had been flying my arms since I was 6.

I cant guarantee to get the Cessna through the revolving doors at the Co-op though. Besides my mam would make me go play outside while she talked to Ethel Ransley.

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