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Sometimes Iím just a complete knobhead, I fail to feel, I miss all the emotional connections, in fact I have thought at times that I am some kind of austistic bod. I can miss completely the interplay between people.

But sometimes I just ďget itĒ I spent the last few nights at my EXís pad looking after my kids while she had a few days away in Spain.

I longed to go home to K. I loved being with my bairns but wanted K their with me.

I wasnít alone, I wasnít lonely, I was just missing K.

Tonight I went and saw my beautiful little girl go to her leaving school prom, ( this is a new thing in the UK an event completely copied from the US filums we watch) She went away in a a big limo thingy with her chums and they all looked pretty but not as pretty as my Boo.

Ok, Now I try to describe clothes and stuff, I lack the technical jargon so bare with me,,, Boo wanted to not wear anything that another person might have been wearing ( apparently thatís a bad thing) so she was wearing

1, purple hair in sort of twirly curls having been tied in rags all day.

2,an old lace wedding dress that was dyed black. And had had a pink skirt sewn under it.

3, a big smile and disposable high heel shoes (she couldnít walk in them very well, not her usual style)

She looked fabulous, my baby sort of grew up, Iím so proud of her. I nearly cried. (soft bugger!)

We see endless vid footage and news stories of ďthe youth of todayĒ being complete aliens, but tonight all over stockport I saw young people being vital and nervous, feeling odd in their dinner suits but caring for the feeling of their friends and looking after each other.

People are good and the only reason the world looks bad on the news is that every story showing bastards at work is only on there because itís the exception and not the rule.

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