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Oh bugger, I have nothing to say, it been another hot day, (hmm he’s started on the weather the bloody dull Englishman) so what revelations can I share today…..

Well I’ve been thinking, have you ever seen old 1940’s footage of football matches in the UK ? Well, everyone was in black and white and they ALL wore flat caps.

Every time a goal was scored thousands of men hurled their cap into the air. It looks really impressive to see 10,000 caps in the air at once. Sort of forefather of the Mexican wave.

Well here be the nub, how did they all get their own cap back? Or did they just wear the one that landed at their feet?

Answers on a postcard please.

Tonight I bought a Macdonalds, and gave it away because they really are poo-on-a-stick. Yuk!

NO its no use I have nothing of interest to say…. Today I will mostly be being a dullard.

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