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going to Dublin

Did I tell you I’m going to Ireland tomorrow? Yup about 30 chaps are off to the fair city of Dublin to see if we cant stop a few pints of Guiness going bad.

It’s a stag do from work, it was booked about a year ago and I had forgotten all about it until a few days ago. So it should be a giggle.

Rather than just sit in a pub all day getting legless there is a variety of stuff going off, some are playing golf ( crackers these blokes are, as Mr Twain said golf is “ a good walk, spoilt”) some are going drowing worms in the rivers and a few of us are off to explore the coastline around Dublin, Then at night we can all meet up for some pop listen to “diddly-diddly” music in the company of men with red faces a huge ears.

A few days ago I went shopping and bought some loo roll, it was sort of washed out orange coloured.

Then I read the “official” colour on the wrapper… go on have a guess…. Now you could stand me in a corner spouting colours for the rest of my life and I still don’t think I would utter the words


what the hell does “honey blush” mean? Honey cannot blush, how do you embarrass honey?


And possibly


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