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not waving but tangoing

Well tis almost the end of my rather splendid 5 month sabbatical, next Monday I go back to the hell hole. Well its not really a hell hole, I just don’t wanna be there.

So here is my wotsit list

1, I have to go coz I owe money, owe money coz I spent it, I made it so I get to sleep in it ( the bed that is).

2, No bleating out of my mouth, though you lot may be in for it!

3, I’m gonna try really hard to be extra nice to K coz I love here and that fact that I don’t wanna go should not affect her.

Tomorrow I’m doing a job for the Tango man across the road, He sleeps on a sunbed and has bright orange skin.

He is an ambitious soul, a true “company man” who is available on his moby phone at all hours. His work is his life ( he works where me and K work), any he appeared in our back garden tonight to drop of a key to his house, so I got him a beer and shot the breeze for a wee while, but the funny thing was as he sat (tensely at first then gradually relaxing) I could see him sort of assessing my lifestyle and his own then realising he was coming off worse, I had my guitar, song and a beer, the girls pottering around and K . and he had a job…..

He has designer ties, orange skin, plenty of hair jell but nothing much in the way of pleasure.

And tomorrow he will have 2 new kitchen taps….

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