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rebel without a brain

Drinking tea, feeling fat. Looking fat too. Today I have been a radical devil-may-care rebel.

I failed to “pay and display” (preferring instead to “park and fuck off”) I then defrauded the National Health Service by not paying for my prescription articles

Long live the revolution!!!

Despite everything I still feel a little blasé about society as a whole. There seem to be so many petty rules and customs. K has asked me before now why I think I am above these rules that apply to everyone. but to be honest I don’t think I’m above them, I think I’m a long way behind them. They seem to work for everyone else but I’ve just not caught on yet.

So when I return to work on Monday, if the dress code says “you shall wear a tie” I shall comply completely by wearing a tie.

It will be 3 loops around my left ankle.

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