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A strange thing has happened, I feel almost giddy with excitement, my mouth is dry I feel alert and sort of unable to sit still.

But I have no idea at all why, how bonkers is that?

K asked if I had been taking anything (as in drugs) but no, I donít think a couple of tins of piss weak lager would do it.

Tee heeÖ I get a buzz from Oxygen (was gonna put O-two but cant do subscripts in HTML)

Hang on, gonna make some Tea.


(Dunc enters from stage right carrying mug of steamy tea)

The man sat next to me is a giant. He has to duck to fit through the door. I have to jump to climb over the step.

I woke K up too early this morning, I usually give her a call at about 07:00 to make sure she hasnít strangled the alarm clock to death. But when I called today she didnít need to get up until 08:00 on account of not having any small girls to take to school. Bugger!

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