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the breath of an old lion

Bloody hell , its benn two weeks since I last updated, anyway stuff thatís been and happened. Boo got her exam results (GCSE) and got bagfuls of Aís and Bís. Ha! Thatís two clever girlies I have.

I got K a frame for her HNC results which was a straight line of about 15 ďDISTINCTIONSĒ.

Duncs theory, surround yourself with clever people and you might have a fighting chance of someone knowing where to find things, the bad side is you get regular beatings at scrabble and boggle.

I went to the island tíother week and had a nice time despite being a bit poorly (cough splutter, shiver etc) we now have some partition walls in the back bit (picky to follow when my arse gets in gear to have the filum processed) had a very silly session with a 50 year old tractor. We went to the beach to scoop up a couple of tons of sand, however the tractor conked out going up a hill on the way home. And its not had a battery since about 1970 so we had to be towed by a van, the thing is the van driver thought it a hoot to drive at 10 zillion mph. This caused much waving and gesticulating from us bods in the trailer. We survived though.

We have been on this atkins diet thing for a week and to be quite frank with my dland chums, my mouth tastes like my tongue has died and rotted. Its exactly the same taste you get in your mouth when you have drunk far too much the night before. A kind of sickly sweet pong. Tis yuk!

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