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i wanna fly

Whoo hoo! Today I managed a world record sleep for on nights…. 07:00 till 15:00 which is spankingly good. So I got up, drank tea until the powers of speech returned ( usually three pints in the the mug that la-the-sage coverts does the trick).

Then K returned from the shops and we went back to bed to have a go at making the beast with two backs… which was just as well because I was GAGGIN for it.

K then cooked some chicken which included a side thingy of raw crushed garlic. So not only do I still smell like an old lion, I smell like a French one. (ok lads bring on the national stereotypes!)

And now I’m back at work till 7 in the am. I have 3 jobbies to do tomorrow (mend boiler, replace shower, fit cooker) and then I’m off to “OAKSTOCK”

This being an event at a local boozer (the royal oak) with a big tent in the car park and a few local bands playing. I don’t think Melanie or Ravi shankar will make it, but hey you never know.

I have a small dilemma, one of my aims is to simplify my life, to want only what I have. But I really want some more flying lessons. This would involve studying hard (ok with that) and getting further into debt, but the main thing is it complicates my life further. My number one option would be to just grow wings and become one with the wind like Jonathon-livingston seagull. But as that’s unlikely to happen this side of some wild acid I don’t know what to do.

So I think for now I shall just want.

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