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I have an ambition, something I would like to do before I die. It sounds a bit odd but here it is. One day would like to scratch the surface of the ground and pull out something roman.

Anything would do, a shard of pottery, a lump of roof tile, anything at all. I know its really easy to go to a shop and buy genuine roman coins etc, but I want to be the person to lift it from the soil after 2000 (ish) years and see it in the cold light of day.

The Romans rock!

Iíve been to a roman fort (housesteads) near hadrians wall and its stunning, what these poor Italian men felt about being posted to the wet and windy north of England is anyoneís guess. But the fort was brill! And until about 1700 was complete with its roof until the locals buggered off with all the stone to build new houses.

I also watched a program on tv tonight and discovered there is a huge derelict country house about 2 miles from me. It was built by Richard Arkwright (the bloke what invented the industrial revolution) on a sumptuous scale only to be gutted and shipped to the home of Randolf Hurst in the US in 1929. He took the lot, floors,roof,panelling leaving only the walls. The whole lot is now rebuilt in the Philadelphia museum.

K is in Rugby tonight (work meeting thingy) so Iím home alone. Right Iím off for a bath coz my legs hurt and it helps.

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