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going to Egypt

Lots of exciting stuff has been with more to come. It was my 42nd birthday yesterday with groovy prezzies and stuff, K got me a real-life- I-kid-you-not pair of RAY-BAN shades.

Now you may well have noticed that I am extremely cheap bloke, I always buy the cheapest shittiest version of everything. So its rather groovy to have something nice.

The reason I need these shades is that in a 15 minute flurry of internet madness we have booked a holiday to Egypt and we are going on Sunday. So a week from now we will be swimming in the red sea with the fishes. So if Mr Bush is reading (or you live next door to him) could you ask him not to invade this particular arab country for a week or so. I know he wants the set, but patience is a virtue.

We should be ok, after all Egypt has no oil, or am I just being cynical?

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