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back from Egypt

Hello peeps, well we are back from sunny Egypt, and we all had a groovy time. My was it hot, it was like being in an oven, Ive never been so hot in my whole life.

We had a fine old time swimming in the red sea surrounded by at least 20 zillion multi-coloured fishs. Its just one big overstocked tropical fish tank.. at one point I was engulfed in a shoal of tiny blue fish, each about 2 inches long. They were so many of them and so close to my mask that it took about 2 minutes for them all to pass. There must have been a million ofum.

Anyway we had a couple of days out snorkelling on a dive boat. And K did a very brave thing. We were jumping off the top deck of the boat into the sea. It was about 20 feet up. I jumped off eventually after farting around for a while (coz I was scared to) then all of a sudden K leaped off and landed next to me. This was a BiG surprise coz K is really scared of heights but she did it anyway. Impressive!

The kids enjoyed it too, and on a saddo educational note it was nice to give them the opportunity to mingle in a foreign culture and realise for themselves that the words muslim & terrorist are not irrevocably linked together.

The shop salesmen are one big pain in the arse though. They mither you all the time. And shopping involves bartering for everything. You ask the price, they tell you the price, then you half it and start from there. It can be fun, but becomes wearing after a while.

I may have some good news tomorrow,

Oh yeah, while I remember Kathy-kitchenlogic, where in bonnie Scotland are you wanting to go to? And do you want plush- or basic?

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