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Well guess who is officially redundant from the 30/9/2003. ITS ME captain happy! No more night shifts, just gasman jobs working for me with a biggish pile of wonga to payoff my debts.. and it thanks to 3 tiers of bosses that fought my corner for me in the background. Good eggs the lot of um..

The offer arrived today, I signed it, put it in an envelope, drew a big smiley face on the front and wrote a letter from a very happy man on the front. I then hand delivered it to the building where it needed to be. Telling the reception staff I would burn down their houses if it got lost.

So its a big day for dunc, I have 7 shifts left and 7 day hol left to take before I leave so really I never need to go back. But I am going back on Friday to do my last night shift and buy all my shifty chums a curry from the Indian.

Also I went to Ks graduation gig tonight, its was nice to applaud her on a stage, compete with black cap and gown. Archaic but groovy none the less

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