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MIL job

The last two days have been spent at my mother in laws replacing the central heating boiler that I disconnected for being dangerous two weeks ago. This simple statement in no way reflects the amount of teeth grinding through gritted teeth that was involved in this seemingly simple task.

I tend to get on with most people most of the time, but for some reasons K’s mum managed to press all my buttons over the two days.

I’m not going to recount the individual incidents that wound me up and had me running down the garden to let off steam to K on the phone. But the gist of it is that K’s mum is in the English way of things “middle class” ie, had a job that did not include getting your hands dirty. In her mind the fact that I was replacing her boiler immediately put me beneath her social scale in the “working Class” category.

So she talked down to me constantly in an aloof and superior manner, and it was all I could do not to tell her to piss off, pack my tools and come home. I would take this from a normal customer and just inflate the price of the job to allow for my displeasure. But I’m supposed to be part of the family.

Anyway I called K back later to apologise for slagging off her mum, but K was very understanding.

The result being I will never work for her again, I was going to do the job as a freeby, but she can bollocks, its going to be near enough full-whack with half of the money going straight to K’s pocket. After all it is her inheritance J

Oh, yes, and for lenarose

“MITHER” = to harass in a whiny way, do you know that thing where kids say

“can I have a hamster”

“can I have a hamster”

“can I have a hamster”

well they are mithering.

It’s a north of England word

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