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bye mr postman

So! Its done, last night was my last shift at the royal mail. I went in at 19:00 bought all my shifty mates a takeout curry and came home at about 22:00.

And thatís it, form now on there can be no whinging about workload, workhours or worktype. Coz they are all down to me. I am master of my own destiny with a clean start as the redundancy will pay off all of my outstanding debt.

I am reborn into a 42 year old body. Whatever fuckups occur will be of my own making, whatever events bring me joy will have been engineered by either myself or those that love me.

Iím having a leaving doo/pissup on the 1/10/2003 and all my dland chums are invited. I realise the taxi fare home will be a bit excessive for some of you but you can share as far as the north east coast of the US and crayonsdraw can pay the driver off at the end (I think Texas is the farthest person away but I can remember where inarticulate lives).

joistmonkey can nearly walk home.

Right click away to avoid sad-geecky man stuff..

Went flying my 6cc powered Piper Cub today, which was fun. But it has a leak in the fuel supply so Iím going to have to strip the tank out.

There was that so bad?

Iím off to cook the tea now. Roast beef, roast spuds, leeks, carrots and gravy.

Tomorrow atkins returns

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