PUPPETTS MOOD is ...... happy

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You best sit down I have a strange update to do… the thing is, everything in my life is going great, I love K more than ever and we talk lots about all kinds of stuff, I don’t need to go to the shitty land of night shifts ever again (I can go to bed EVERY night how groovy is that?) I have work booked in by the shedload, all my debts are about to goway forever. I’m losing weight, eating well, choosing life!

In fact I am a happy bunny.

Scary hey?

And I have just spent a happy hour reading all your diaries. Who needs magazines when y’all write all this interesting stuff. Thanks I groc and enjoy.

One small thing, what is the best way to destroy a “buffy the musical” DVD coz its on again and driving me bonkers……..

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