PUPPETTS MOOD is ...... deaf

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the ears

And hello from “Captain Lopsided” my left lug-hole is not functioning. Its full of wax and to soften the wax its also full of ear-hole-oil.

So noise only exists on my right hand side, it feels funny.. all I hear on the left is my own heartbeat. So next week I will go see the nurse who will squirt warm water down my ear until a great lump of yuk falls out. Then we both try not to look disgusted with the orrid lump of kack that falls out into the bowl.

The trick bit is after that when I try and cross the road. As I will now have “superman hearing” I wont cross over because there is a car on the distant horizon but to me it will sound like a V12 E-type Jag just about to leave tyre tracks across my back.

I think tomorrow I will do travelogue bout Scotland for kitchenlogic

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