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Right then Scotland stuff for kitchenlogic First of all, I’m a north west coast junkie. I’m sure the east coast has very nice places but apart from Inverness they are a mystery to me.

I shall work from south to north, this is a good idea because the scenery builds up to a huge crescendo then tails away to a “chill out” zone. The first bit after crossing the border going through a gap in the roman emperor Hadrians wall is known as the southern uplands, sort of green rolling hills, everything north of here used to be a bit of nova-scotia but it sulked off one day and bumped into England.

You will pass lockerbie where some bad men made a pan-am jumbo fall into the village.

Trundling north will bring you to Glasgow, Edinburgh is the Scottish capital but Glasgow is its industrial centre. You WILL need someone to translate here. Even I struggle to understand a word the Glaswegians say. The dialect is harsh and clipped.

The city has lots of shops and still has, I kid you not “doctor who” tardis police boxes in the street.

Now get the fuck out of there and head for loch lomond, the biggest lake type thing in the uk but no bigger than a puddle in “great lake” terms. The view is dominated by “ben lomond” a rather shapely lump on its east side. Stop for a drink at the “Tarbet tea rooms” head for Crianlarich and the wee village has many places to stay, the best deal being the pine lodge type things at the Glen More Lodge (http://www.british-hotels.com/Site/Hotel.asp?AccomID=3158) or you could carry on for 25 miles or so towards “Bridge of Orchy” for a cheap and groovy nights stay, don’t stay in the silly priced hotel (just eat and drink there), instead go to the train station and stay in the new bunkhouse for about 8GPB per night. The bunks have pillows and linen provided, have a reading light and privacy curtain and the food/conversation is great…. You will be woken byt the early train!

right enough for now….. more later

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