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sad news from the island

Sometimes its just a bugger! So here I am happy as a dog with two dicks (sorry but its another of my dads phrases and part of the process of me slowly turning into him) I have just written two cheques clearing the majority of my debts, my order books are slowly filling themselves up with not a lot of effort from me (K is pimping out my cards like a good un) but K is very unhappy.

Its not for me to go bunging the details of her probs to the world but I don’t think its “bandying a womens name” to say she is in conflict with her eldest adolescent girly and this is colouring her whole life at the moment. I would like to help but have no idea how.

I have been much disturbed over the last couple of weeks, our safe haven village in the islands has been in the national news, apparently 2 paedophiles have been arrested from our village. A place where it has always been understood that children are free to roam in complete safety, where adults are trusted to help any child has now been sullied and despoiled by 2 “incomers” from England 2 bastard warped men have brought about the end of an age of trust. Now all incomers are suspects. And although no details have been released some young girls have lived lives of fear and unhappiness.

I am vehemently opposed to the death penalty (no one has the right to end lives, least of all the state) but I see no reason not to just lock up these vermin in a bad place until they die. No parole, no TV, no regular porn supplies shipped in, just basic food and misery until they expire of old age.

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