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Iím still a happy little bunny, Today has been a sort of general admin, doing quotes type of day, but Iím still a bit amazed that I donít have a boss. Lets face it Iíve had one of those since the age of 15, never had a day where there wasnít one.

And now Iím free. Today I have talked to many people and its good. Busy but groovy. I received my redundancy pay off today as well.

Got it!

Looked at it!

Spent it!

Oh well easy come, easy go. Anyway the wee hoosie and my van are now all mine with no finance houses snapping at my heels. In fact if I didnít do another job for 4 months I would still be ok.

K is still fed up,though things with her adolescent girly are in a state of truce at the moment.

Just a thought, I know you have coronation street on the tele in the US. Does that shape your opinion of northern England at all? Just interested donít know why.

US sitcoms would have us UK peeps believe that everyone is issued with a HUGE apartment to live in.

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