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Second update of the day,

Ok My last weekend customers is a fuckwad. First I went and gave him a quote for a new boiler, then he phoned me agreeing to the price.

So I bought the boiler and he then phoned me whinging bout the price so I knocked a bit of money off coz I couldn’t be arsed to take it back to the merchants.

Then I fitted it and he gave me an incorrectly written cheque.

I returned this and he promised to drop the cheque off tonight at 15:30

18:45 and Three phone calls later he said he would be here soon.

I said I was coming round to see him NOW

2 mins later I get a SMS text message from his mate saying “fuckwad is ill, don’t come round”

I call fuckwad straight back and tell him I want paying soon… I give him until tomorrow.

If no joy then me and Cedric the sledge hammer are paying a visit to his house and removing MY boiler from the wall. This will be done without draining the system first causing extensive damage to his newly decorated rooms.

Should he get in the way he gets a fat lip and burst nose.

Fucking robbing bastard.

I will have my boiler or my money

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