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Iíll never be an author but Iíve written things. Never be a pilot but Iíve flown things.not a great thinker but I think things. Not a singer but I sing.

I am one of the worlds millions of average people, I do many ,many things in a mediocre way, and the only reason I do them is because doing them brings me pleasure.

I am a mediocre hedonist. If I do things well but donít enjoy them I just stop. If Iím crap but its fun I carry on.

Ok now its geeky time

Today I went flying my model aircraft, call it my ďtoy planeĒ if you whish its doesnít matter, I not ashamed to be a geeky twat. Anyway, one of the chaps managed to bung his hand into my propellor whilst it was busy revving at around 17000 RPM. This was bad. There was blood and guts everywhere. His first natural reaction was to push his fingers into his mouth which left him looking like Dracula after a very messy dinner. We bandaged him up and took him to hospital with two of his finger looking very floppy and dead.

It appears that all the tendons are severed. A bit grim really.

On a good note K comes home tomorrow. Hopefully chilled and rested. Snogs ahoy!

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