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gues who saw the sky dance?

Its been 19 days, I am a slacker….. so then, who got to tick off one of his “10 things to do before I die” things last week?

That would be me, I went to the island and in the evening went out to see the stars only to be confronted with a great big monster, I kid you not Aurora. The sky was alive, curtains of reds greens and blues were everywhere. It was gorgeousness and gorgosity all rolled into one.

And the oddest thing was the silence, I felt the world should have been filled with the hum of a substation or the crackle of electricity. But no just a silent show.

Ok then, who’s got my rocket jetpack?

Other stuff that happened…..

The hoose now has drains connected to the sewer, and a toilet. It also has cold and hot water. Groovy or what.

I fucked up big time with K (who was back at home due to lack of hols), I went round to a chums house and drank copius amounts of lager and cider, proper falling over pissed type of deal. He had the biggest bestest album collection in the world and I was on a retro music high. Anyway at some point I decided that sharing one of his splifts was a good idea.

Now bearing in mind I had promised K a long time ago that I would no longer indulge in illegal drugs of any type. I then called her on my mobile.

This left me feeling wretched in the morn. Not because I had toked on a splif but because I had broken one of my categorical promises to her.

Anyway K was even more upset than I thought.

So anyway I’m back home now and stuff is all sorted out. We have got no kids this week so have spent an pleasant afternoon wriggling in bed, drinking beer and playing boggle.


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