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Hiya world, Iím still here and so is xmas fever. I am a strong believer in the ďBAH! HumbugĒ approach.

Ok here is the new plan for Chrimbo. It stays just like it is until you are 15, after that you get fuck all. its for kids to get nice toys, Iím sure Mr Jesus would flinch at the number of wanky jumpers and socks bought to celebrate his burfday.

Having said that I got K a groovy prezzie. But personally I want for nothing. Work is going well with plenty of it, and I still havenít advertised anywhere. What I did overlook is the amount of time I spend organising quotes,materials etc. but its no biggy. I like being the boss of me.

Suppose I better get to work on the list of virtual prezzies for you lot! Iím not typing gift vouchers so had best get a move on

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