naked-desire - 2002-08-04 09:14:35
Hi D, just thought I would let you know that juggling mushrooms is actually quite clever and shows an aptitude for multi-tasking, not something men are often very good at. Also, I do think you are ruggedly handsome and don't really think you look like you should be in an institution!
annfrankenstein - 2002-08-04 12:55:07
because our bums are so fancy and delicate, of course! p.s. NIN is the abbreviation for NINE INCH NAILS which is/was a popular industrial "group" (mainly one ego-driven fella named trent reznor) that usually becomes quite popular with the kids when they are old enough to be introspective, angsty and agry (read: teenagers). aren't you glad you asked!!
mea - 2002-08-04 19:04:31
i'll go with what annf had to say, re: cushions..and add: they're just damned nice to have around especially when some color or other matches with something else in the decor..somewhere. // as for your banner. man, it rocks! i liked it because it was honest sounding! that's the truth. it will be cool to see what you come up with :)
Gingerbug - 2002-08-04 20:16:18
QUOTE: "and a whole section on "cushions, why do women need so many" ......HAHAHA!
lena - 2002-08-04 22:41:04
Actually, you should pleased to be mistaken for a woman. Women are better... and I thought women needed fewer cushions because we had more built-in cushioning. My boyfriend's certainly more delicate that way than I am...

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