Kathy - 2002-09-08 08:21:06
I agree with you about Bush and his wanting to drop a bomb on a guy just because of what he "might" do. No wonder other countries hate us so! About the offer to send over some black pudding...I think I'll pass, thank you! Now if you had some Bubbles and Squeak to give out, I'd be first in line!
dusti - 2002-09-08 20:47:25
Well, black pudding sounds interesting. is it actually the consistency of pudding? Oh the thought of it makes me want to toss my cookies.... or pudding. I don't know. Maybe both. I admire the English, they know what it is and still they eat it. You have mastered "mind over matter." Dusti
mea - 2002-09-09 21:41:26
you sound like a good dad. :) and i sure wouldn't touch black pudding..LOL!

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