Kathy - 2002-09-10 12:55:51
I hate it when I feel like shit! The beer will only make it worse for you. Sometimes it helps me just to get out for a walk (unless it's raining of course!) or rent a movie or even go see a movie (all by myself). Of course, the best thing to do is journal about it. I not only write in my diaryland journal, I keep a paper journal. That one's got drawings and color. It helps me forget about how blue I sometimes get. I hope this passes quickly for you. Tip on ironing...I always rent a movie to watch while I iron.
strangerlucy - 2002-09-12 16:31:58
another ironing tip: never iron while wearing only underpants It hurts. 'Wish you were here always makes me weepy'- I have a dead friend connection to that song- so you're not alone in the goosebumps reaction. Nice to read you!

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