Kathy - 2002-09-23 12:29:06
One of my favorite pubs ever is in a hotel in Oslo, Norway. I sat there for hours reading the paper, working on crossword puzzles. I don't know of any places here in the midwest of the United States like that...tables with lamps and a bartender that kept refilling my glass as needed. It sounds like you had a nice weekend. Now...quit drinking so much beer!!!!
dusti - 2002-09-23 12:54:05
you had your first tequila shot? Wow, I guess living in Texas gives me more exposure to Tequila. But, I agree. Its nasty. Did you eat the worm? ha ha ha Dusti
mea - 2002-09-25 02:30:55
it's always nice to have a bright red buddy list, isn't it?! i ought to check mine more

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