Kathy - 2002-09-23 20:23:18
Happy 100th entry! I, too, flit from thing to thing. Every once in awhile I think about quitting my diary. But then I wouldn't be able to boss around the likes of you and tell you to quit drinking so much beer!
Dusti - 2002-09-24 10:53:34
HA! I love it! I thought being excited about your "100th" must be silly, but I am glad that you are so enthused too! "100" was great. I especially like the part about knowing a little about alot of things. I am that person too! Have fun cheese tossing....
mea - 2002-09-25 02:34:28
happy one hundred! awesome that you know a little of everything..but don't you stop writing, please?!

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