mea - 2002-10-07 02:49:39
i don't need any more bottles of hair stuff!!!! // i'm terrible at this naming thing..unless it's kids...but good luck to you! starting a business and all the crap associated is not easy work. i truly hope the best for you in this venture!!
Dusti - 2002-10-07 10:30:07
Dunc, huh? I like that name. Well, I can't help but laught when I see you type "ya'll" in your diary. I guess a Texan can't help but grin. That's peachy! Well, Duncan, I will be thinking about a good name for you company. Most of the bottles in my bathroom belong to my balding husband.... :) I need to catch up!
fleakitty - 2002-10-07 20:36:59
Duncan Your Head in This Toilet Means You Are IQ-Ltd....? See - catchy *and* educational. Nice! Or did you prefer something more concise? :)

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