fleakitty - 2002-10-17 09:26:26
Hey, Freaky Toes - your jeans hems look like denim jacket cuffs, causing me to suspect that those 'feet' of yours are actually your 'hands'. I'll run data through a fact-extrapolator and get back to you on this....
mea - 2002-10-17 11:21:37
it is always more entertaining - at least, i find it so - when people just write about random stuff and stick up images of whatever. i like taking pictures of my feet, actually..i have some really cool stripey socks of which i am so proud. :-)
Kathy - 2002-10-17 13:56:56
Fine by me if you pick at your toenails. But 'fess up - you bite at them, too. Don't you? C'mon. You can tell us!

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