Feli Bhat - 2002-11-01 04:51:01
I want to go home too - I'll write you a sick note if you'll write one for me? Feli
fleakitty - 2002-11-01 07:14:20
How weird, because the first time in my life I've ever looked at a box of Kelloggs' Frosties was in the supermarket the other day. OK, it's not that weird. (Best lyric ever: "she's got a Frosted Flake face, a Raisin Bran brain; and she's tryin' to tell me that I'm insane....") :)
naked-desire - 2002-11-01 08:27:45
Sweetie, it's changing to Royal Mail Group plc, not just Royal Mail plc. Thought you ought to know. Byee, my cheese-on-toast lover.

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