Dusti - 2002-11-11 07:42:37
Thanks for the message, Puppett. In regaurds to your last entry.... It's funny how sometimes your entries sound like the beginning of that movie, "Four Weddings and a Funeral" with Hugh Grant. The first 15 words of that movie are of him just going.... "F*&K!" Over and over again! :) ha ha ha For some reason the end of your last entry reminded me of that.... I wonder why? hee hee.... Hope you daughter has a good "Sweet 16."
fleakitty - 2002-11-11 09:08:53
I used to wonder why New Yorkers never smiled. A friend reminded me a lot of (real) New Yorkers haven't necessarily had lives to smile about, whereas I've had nothing to complain about in Australia. Beach...sun...koalas. Maybe Russians are sad 'cos they don't have koalas. :)
mea - 2002-11-11 23:12:34
fuck yea! // puppett, i'm sorry for your troubles. sometimes it's even worse to have that "deflated" feeling than to be angry.

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