dusti - 2002-11-18 12:56:58
well... let me explain about the dog thing. ha ha ha... by the way I like the "harem of bitches." I had a really funny visual of all these poodles fanning this big, great dane with lovely feather fans as he was propped up on many silk pillows, yes the poodles had those little shear veils on their snouts.... it cost 400 dollars for a pet deposit... A.K.A. "we've got you by your boys if your dog craps or pees on our carpet. You won't get the $$ back when you leave the place. Then they charge $10 a month ( added into your rent) for you animal to live there. As for the cake, it has been frozen for a year with plastic wrap and foil over a box that held it all snug. It was pretty good, not dry at all to tell you the truth. the funny thing is that the icing peels away from the cake in a huge sheet. But, still good, though...

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