Kathy - 2002-12-05 08:54:19
It just sounds so depressing. I doubt that you've never had an original thought. That was pretty original, if you think about it!
dusti - 2002-12-05 14:43:00
hm, Dunc. Just when I think you're normal.... Just kidding. I think that you have a beautiful way of making the ordinary, mundane duties of our life seem like they are dark, dirty and full of despair. I like that about you. You should write for a living. Look what Stephen King did. And, anyway, who knows if they are creative or not. I am creative to my husband because I have no problem making the sun purple in my crayon drawings. I think he is creative because he can come up with ways to pay the bills when we seem short that month. Its all relative, my dear friend.

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