lenarose - 2002-12-19 12:54:15
Yes, we call them SUVs, occasionally pronounced "suvies," particularly by those who despise 'em. As to wrapping presents -- gift bags! Gift bags! Gift bags! You can make stuff look wonderful just by stuffing shiny Easter Grass on top of it. And they're reuseable, if you're cheap like me!
fleakitty - 2002-12-19 18:30:18
Wrapping the pressie is the best part! Give me a mere pencil to wrap and it'll be one of the prettiest-wrapped pencils you ever did see. :)
mea - 2002-12-28 01:34:33
"panzer" = ? // gift bags are indeed the most wonderful things! and tissue paper. love it. maybe i say this because christmas is over already...i don't know.

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