joistmonkey - 2003-01-10 16:21:46
Kickass! You had a BSA Bantam? My brother has one of them in his shed. You MUST not tell my Dad that you're a BSA bod though, he's a bit of a fanatic (has eight of them, plus a James and a Frances Barnett, in the garage) and will try to meet up with you to swap bits of greasey metal :-)
joistmonkey - 2003-01-10 17:54:13
Alas, for some bizzarre reason my Dad seems just to collect his motorbikes (he can't ride them ALL!) and is loathe to part with them... much to the frustration of my mother!
lenarose - 2003-01-10 21:09:31
My father always left both his bikes in his kitchen all winter. To this day I can't really eat peanut butter toast (best breakfast at Dad's house) without half imagining motorcycle smell.
fleakitty - 2003-01-11 02:50:13
I just wrote a bleak response here I decided not to depress you all with. (Click the link on my name if you want to read it, however, you maudlin people!) Anyway, I really, really want a bike. :)

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