lenarose - 2003-01-11 01:10:24
3 things: 1. Melanie does make even silly songs wonderful. Alexander Beetle, and so forth. 2. Most people do Dylan tunes better than Dylan does 'em: Melanie, Jimi Hendrix. For that matter, Tom Petty does Dylan better than Dylan does, if you ask me. I like Dylan anyway. 3. I like you too, for what it's worth. You're interesting, and funny, and cool.
joistmonkey - 2003-01-11 01:34:27
I think you should have taught those fucking Malteasers (just look at the name - they LIVE to tease you and piss you off!) a lesson. Nip the confectionary rebellion in the bud, so to speak :-) I mean, next it'll be kamakaze Snickers bars filling themselves with gravel, liquorice bootlaces trying to strangle kids, and huge (numerically speaking, at least!) armies of Jelly Babies taking the march.
mea - 2003-01-11 02:15:54
only people who don't know what they can sometimes be are in trouble. we all have foul moods, foul tempers, foul mouths at times. :-) as for grey hair, it's only pigmentless..and full of wisdom or so they say! i just dye mine so i don't have to look at it :D i forgot to update my new color in my journal, come to think of it! i shall have to do a pic, i think.
Kathy - 2003-01-11 09:38:50
I worry about you. You are so depressed and your health is the shits. First things need to get your diet and your health in shape mister!!!! You can't be passive at this. You need to be assertive about it. I know it's difficult when you're feeling blue but if you work at this and make a change maybe you won't be feeling so blue and can get better a bit at a time (without people like me worrying and harping at you). I know you're in debt but for God's Sakes go and get two outfits that fit and aren't so stinking thin!! Hugs to you.
girls dont cry - 2003-01-11 23:43:00
Current research shows that a proper grown up man cries 1.4 times a year, so if you cry more than that you're just a big girl's blouse, mate. I'm truly sorry for your debt, I'm afraid to say it makes my problems look like a hill of beans. I'm going to read a wee bit more diary now because it looks interesting (but not 247 pages). Cheers.

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