dorkfysh - 2003-01-11 16:39:35 and chips and stout....deelish you sound positively sparkling!
Mike - 2003-01-11 19:07:46
Heh, I think that was me reading 200 odd entries yesterday! Was stuck at work on a Friday afternoon, having about 2 hours of work to do in an 8 hour day... Oh, and I'd give anything for some British fish and chips and stout right about now. Cheers!
rach - 2003-01-12 21:39:36
wow, i thoroughly enjoy the randomness of this diary, so congrats, fellow diaryland member, on a job well done. umm...and i'm really looking forward to it raining money someday, hopefully in a little cloud right over my head in the middle of some deserted part of the world where i'm the only one able to enjoy it...sigh... anywho, i'm thinkin i might just become a regular reader of this diary...yippie skippy!
mea - 2003-01-14 15:22:13
well, i'd have to pass on that beer thing, cuz beer makes me ill to my stomach. however, i love fish and chips!!

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