Mike - 2003-01-15 09:12:09
I don't know what "sophomoring" is, but a sophomore is a second year student! Can apply to both high school (about age 15 or 16) and university (about age 19 or so). Oh and grits are a Southern thing (I can't stand 'em, being Midwestern and all -- give me hash browns isntead!). They're made from milling up corn kernels, and taking the large sized granules and making a sort of porridge out of. I could use a cup of tea or twenty right now.
lenarose - 2003-01-15 15:18:01
I like grits and hash browns, and I'm not from the south or the midwest. My favourite though is fried eggs and potatoes -- you cut up the potatoes into little chunks 3/4" square and just fry them in with the scrambled eggs. Usually with onions. I like it with peppers and garlic, too. Err. Maybe I just like food...
mea - 2003-01-15 18:39:57
had a peek at your new digicam..WOWzers. nice looking little thing, eh?! looking forward to pictures..:-)
allspice - 2003-01-15 18:48:51
I love grits. Grits with butter and sugar or with salt and pepper, bacon, toast, and eggs over-easy please. Try them their delis.Next to Quaker Oats in the cereal aisle. I sound like a spokesperson for them. You sound like Vinny in the movie "My Cousin Vinny", starring Joe Pesci and Marissa Tomei. The grits joke is almost the funniest part,( or maybe only to a southerner like me.) Don't tell me you haven't heard of that movie either.
Dusti - 2003-01-15 18:55:54
grits are pretty OK. My grandma from Mississippi likes 'em alot. I can tolerate them with lots of butter and sometimes cheese.
rach - 2003-01-16 17:55:31
ew, i think grits are gross. i think it's required that midwesterners detest all southern delicacies though. who knows. oh and thanks for signing (signing is a heck of a lot like singing spellingwise...i bet i'm the first one to notice that too) my guestbook thingy! and i think i'm gonna start using the word 'picky' instead of "pic" or "picture." reading this diary is so helpful in unboringizing my vocabulary. so anywho, thanks for signing, i was pleasantly surprised!

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